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All-in-one tool to optimize logistics and mobility operations

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Helping businesses optimize
the last-mile of moving people, goods, and services on a unified SaaS platform

Connect Delivery

Connected Logistics

Enabling businesses to monitor, measure and optimize On-demand and Scheduled delivery operations starting from order pooling and sorting, route and fleet optimization, automated dispatch, rider operations and creating seamless delivery experiences for the customers.

Improve delivery success rates, speed and customer stickiness. Get complete visibility of your own and 3PL fleet, riders and order status in real-time and surface actionable insights.

Connect Delivery

Connected Operations

Helping mobility operators to increase the productivity of the resources to make more money and save more money through integrated telematics data and insight-driven induced efficiencies.

We are amplifying transport and mobility operations to the next level with advanced fleet optimization, route planning, integrated logistics, billing and invoicing, smart insights, and extended visibility.

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quote up Fleetroot helped us get visibility across our idle fleets, allowing us to create mobility packages that exponentially improved our vehicle utilization. quote down

Imran Nadeem, CEO and Founder Carstreet, Dubai

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All-In-One tool for Optimizing
Connected Operations


Connected Commute

Enabling transporters to optimize Student commute and Employee transit operations to improve ridership, fleet utilization and passenger safety.

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