About Us

Who We Are

Fleetroot is an IoT platform for connected operations improving efficiency, safety and quality of mobile assets and resources. Fleetroot enables corporate businesses and government organizations to track and monitor connected assets , resources and sensors in one easy to use IoT platfrom from any web and mobile devices. Advanced features of fleetroot IoT platform for connected operations are,

  • AI optimal routing algorithms enable businesses to maximize resource utilization.
  • Connected vehicles and communication.
  • Configurable alerts engine for improved operations
  • Intelligent Transport automation
  • Rental and leasing automation
  • Full stack maintenance engine
  • Seamless delivery management
  • IoT sensor data analytics
  • Toll & Traffic data analytics
  • Enterprise Reporting

Fleetroot aims to build top most position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients. Our Motto is to serve the purpose of our clients with perfection and help them to take informed decisions related to the entire Fleet management and to be an innovative global solution provider.

Our Values :

  • Over reach our client’s expectations with Innovative features & Modules.
  • Develop and grow by recognizing novel ideas that help our clients.
  • Developing a proprietary concept in fleet management.
  • Develop and Grow with our clients and partners.
  • Think Global.

Fleetroot IOT platform for connected operations is trusted by 300 + customers around the globe.

Fleetroot aims to be an Innovative, user friendly and global hardware agnostic platform which can fit in to any of the Fleet management or IOT hardware ecosystems.

Office #308, Makateb Building, Airport Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates