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How To Untangle Delivery Network Complexities?

1) Scale puts immense pressure on delivery operations:  While all businesses are looking to scale until they reach their optimal size, there are numerous challenges that come with this growth.…

ByByKeshavdas MNov 22, 2022

How Can Delivery Software Improve Delivery Drop Density?

1) Drop density: a critical metric for measuring the efficacy of your Logistics and Delivery Operations For all the tools that you use – including automation and the latest software…

ByByKeshavdas MNov 17, 2022

Ultra-Fast Delivery – How To Accomplish 15 Minute Deliveries

The 15-minute Delivery Model…another New Normal! Our world is ever-changing, and ever-evolving, especially so in today’s tech-driven times where innovations are fast and furious! Therefore, there is a “new way…

ByByKeshavdas MNov 12, 2022

Last Yard Deliveries: Why Should Convenience Over Cost Be Prioritized

The last yard is the final leg of a delivery journey, and it can be a competitive advantage for companies that have learned how to manage it effectively. The last-yard…

ByByKeshavdas MNov 8, 2022

What Are The Profitable Pickup and Delivery Business Models In 2023

We have seen some amazing changes in the delivery service. Many startups deliver different food items, groceries, and other products worldwide, and there are various opportunities in the market. Pickup…

ByByKeshavdas MNov 7, 2022

How To Improve The Reliability Of School Bus Transportation System?

Summary Modern transportation software is a powerful tool that vastly improves the reliability and safety of school bus transportation systems. Deploying one that best fits your needs will be a…

ByByKeshavdas MOct 31, 2022

How Delivery Logistics Software Helps F&B Brands With D2C Logistics

Delivery logistics software is a web-based tool that helps companies manage their delivery operations. It allows you to streamline your order fulfillment process, make it more efficient, and save money…

ByByKeshavdas MOct 31, 2022

What Is The Importance Of Fleet Management & Logistics Operation

Importance of having fleet management and Logistics operation in the unified platform Fleet management and logistics are very critical aspects of the operation of any company. The company needs to…

ByByKeshavdas MOct 30, 2022

How To Boost A Courier Business In 2022

Boosting a courier service is a big undertaking, just like starting a new business. Every industry is undergoing a revolution, and the courier industry is no exception. If you want…

ByByKeshavdas MOct 27, 2022
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The Best Guide To Fleet Management Software

ByByKeshavdas MNov 2, 20183

 Have you ever wondered how big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, and Uber manage their numerous vehicles, deliverymen, and customers? What is it that enables them to work efficiently…

School Bus GPS Tracking System: The Best Guide 2020

ByByKeshavdas MMar 25, 20192

How To Track Your Child’s School Bus Location in Real-Time And How It Helps? All safety-conscious parents lookout for a solution that can track their child’s school bus location in…

13 Tips To Improve Fuel Efficiency In School Buses

ByByKeshavdas MMar 27, 20192

  School buses worldwide need gallons of fuel annually to run efficiently. From picking up students through different points to dropping them back, school buses consume a significant amount of…

Why The World Needs More Electric School Buses?

ByByKeshavdas MJul 18, 20191

Increasing fuel prices and pollution caused by harmful emissions have compelled governments around the world to move towards alternate fuel technologies. The obvious advantages of electricity powered vehicles have made…