1. Is the software good fit for my company?

Fleetroot is a cloud based software, fleetroot was created from customer’s perspective, So it is compliant for all business modules and it is flexible for all customer requirements. It is a great investment, as it adds more value to your company.

2. Is it easy to use?

Fleetroot is highly user friendly, It is simple to install and implement, it has auto update, very efficient and effective, software is very easy to navigate, does not need a third party software. Still if you need help, we have an amazing IT support, who are here to help you 24 hours.

3. Is the customer service/support good?

We have a 24 hours customer care number and email address to resolve your issues. We are here to help you. Get instant answers to your queries

4. Can fleet management software grow with your business?

Fleetroot is a software with all the latest technologies and features, Fleetroot is always upgraded so yes it will help your business grow to next level.

5. What's the company's reputation?

Our organization cares about our customers and is strongly committed to customers. We have established trust of our customers by offering high quality products and services. With the help of our talented employees , we have growth in profitability prospects.

6. What's your ELD mandate compliance solution?

Government regulations are constantly changing and keeping your drivers and vehicles road-legal can be a time-consuming headache. Our software helps you to keep working and stop worrying. Fleetroot generates the driving information that is used by inspection officers to check drivers are compliant with the driving hour regulations.

7. What questions should I ask when choosing fleet management software?

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Security & data

1. Who owns the data?

Its client only who owns the data, fleetroot is highly secured with different standard security layers like https, encryption of data.

2. Will it be lost if you leave the provider?

Nothing, fleetroot is global platform, so in case provider leave, you can directly reach out to fleetroot for subscriptions.

3. Can the system pull in data from other sources?

Yes, based on customer requirements fleetroot is open to do integration to any third party system.

4. What systems will it integrate with?

Fleetroot is open API framework, fleetroot exposes data in XML/Json format, so any system which is ready to consume data in XML/Json format can do that.

Fleetroot is also open for any third party integration or customizations as per customer request.

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