GPS Tracking System for connected fleet operations

Real-time fleet management platfrom to track , manage and optimize fleet operations .

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With the help of sensor technologies, fleet maintenance got new insights. Sensors can provide alerts on a variety of issues, including tire pressure, brakes, engine performance, and many other parameters.

Fleetroot captures the data with the help of sensors and devices connected or embedded in the vehicles. Sensors can send critical alerts and signals which helps the system to identify critical elements and then to act proactively.

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Fuel is one of the largest operating expenses public factors for fleets. Effective fuel management can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Fuel refill and drain detection, real-time notifications
  • Fuel wastage report.
  • Fuel Consumption against trip, driver and efficiency reports.

Capturing current and historical data to facilitate accurate planning & forecasting of asset maintenance. Trend analysis of recent & seasonal maintenance details will help in saving 15 to 20% in costs.

  • Predictive algorithms for maintenance
  • Diagnostic codes for Proactive reporting
  • Predictive Route analysis & Traffic management

Fleetroot advanced location services ensure effective visibility across the fleets, resources and operations helps fleet businesses to unify cost , efficiency , productivity and safety .

  • Real-time tracking and visibility
  • Location history for compliance monitoring
  • Intelligent workspace for efficient dispatch
  • Trip automation with ETA
  • Routes performance visibility
  • Real-time traffic data visibility

Have first-hand information of your mobile assets/resources/sensors through intelligent and customizable alerts via SMS/Email/Mobile- notifications to help you proactive to any critical situation

  • Overspeeding
  • Excess Idling
  • Route Deviation
  • Geo or Territory fencing
  • Unauthorized access

Improve driving behavior and increase the safety of resources with real-time driver behavior analysis and violation notifications

  • Eco-driving analytics
  • Driver scoreboard
  • Route Deviation alerts
  • Improve safety
  • Save on fuel

How Can Fleet Management Software Benefit you?

  • Improved utilization and productivity of Fleet & resources

  • Improved Driving habits and safety

  • Increased visibility to fleet and resource operations

  • Reduced Fuel Costs and CO2 Emissions

  • Real time visibility to asset distribution

  • Improved customer response time

  • Increase in Fleet life span

  • Maintain Fleet Maintenance Schedules & Cost

Customer Spotlight

"Fleetroot solution is so great for us—it has improved our operating efficiency, saving us money and also provides us tools to improve our customer service."

Still you feel how fleetroot is different?

Well, our customers recognize fleetroot as

Without a doubt it is very robust and well thought out engineering, design work".

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Most advanced and intuitive telematic solution

Fleetroot is a unified all-in-one solution for your fleet management requirements improving, safety, efficiency, and quality of fleet operations.

Fleetroot platform

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Over 50+ gps tracking devices integrated, still counting

We have been supported 50+ tracking devices but still if you have very specific, yes fleetroot is open to support your device.



Start Connected fleet Operations

  •  Trace and Track
  •  Dashboard
  •  History Run
  •  Alert Notification
  •  Service Maintenance
  •  Reports

Manage your fuel & Drivers efficiently

  •  Fleetroot Lite+
  •  Driver Management
  •  Fuel Management
  •  Charts
  •  Alert Notifications
  •  Service Maintenance

Fleet operations decisions made easy

  •  Fleetroot Pro+
  •  Driver Scoreboard
  •  Fuel Analytics
  •  Toll and Traffic
  •  Territory Fencing
  •  Customization

Frequently Asked Question

Fleetroot is a cloud SaaS platform and built with the customer’s perspective, it is compliant for all fleet businesses and flexible for all requirements. It is a great investment, as it adds more value to your fleet business.
Fleetroot is highly intuitive and user-friendly, It is pretty simple to use and highly customer friendly. Still, if you need help, kindly visit our youtube channel to check the videos or get in touch with your nearest reseller for on-site training.
fleetroot has a 24 hours customer care number where you could ask for any support or a global reseller network to help you resolve any issues or queries. We are here to help you. Get instant answers to your queries on the fleetroot web chat window.
Fleetroot is an IoT platform with the newest of technologies to help you ease and bring in efficiency in your fleet operations. We are always here to hear from you to improve and provide feature sets to grow along with your requirements.