GPS Tracking System For Vehicles

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GPS Vehicle Tracker helps you to get real-time updates about your vehicle anywhere through a smartphone

Explore possibilities for safe & efficient driving by monitoring - Driver Behaviour, Fleet Maintenance, Fleet Performance, Fuel Efficiency and Predictive Analysis.

Track and Monitor your Assets

Fleetroot offers tracking of mobile assets and sensors in real time in a web and mobile app. Live and history view of entire fleet gives full control over the fleet and brings efficiency in fleet management.

  • Real time movement display of mobile assets and sensors
  • Easy access of assets and mobile resources in a google live map
  • Display nearby assets to a point of interest
  • History tracking of mobile assets
  • Detailed and Clustered view of vehicles on Google maps
  • Clustered and Detailed view of mobile/non mobile sensors

Business and Performance Analytics

Business insights are pretty vital for any business to understand the performance and making business decisions efficient. Fleetroot analytics provides detailed insights on the business performance.

  • Asset Utilization Analysis
  • Fuel Efficiency Analysis
  • Trips Trend Analysis
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis

Intelligent & Customizable Alerts

Have first hand information of your mobile assets/resources/sensors through intelligent and customizable alerts via SMS/Email/Mobile- notifications to help you to be proactive than reactive to any critical situation.

  • Critical alerts as
  • Battery/Hardware Disconnection
  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Overstay
  • Out of Office Hours
  • POI Fence
  • Temperature Variance
  • Fuel
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • DTC - Fleet Diagnostics

Intelligent School Bus Tracking and Attendance

End to end, fleet and trip management to easily manage school transport business with interactive and live trip analysis with vital business insights to improve School bus productivity, Utilization and Improve safety of students.

  • Student registration
  • Route automation
  • Interactive live trip
  • Pick up location allocation automation
  • Area, Vehicle & seating allocation
  • Invoice Automation
  • Payment Integration
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Nanni Mobile App
  • Business Reports

Trip / Delivery Tracking and Communication

Fleetroot advanced logistics service ensure effective Trip and delivery communication process intern provides improved customer happiness.

  • Trip creation with automated routing
  • Order management processing and distribution
  • Route optimization* with ETA
  • Delivery process monitoring and coordination
  • In vehicle & In app Communication

Predictive Maintenance Tracking Engine

Capturing current and historical data to facilitate accurate planning & forecasting of asset maintenance. Trend analysis on recent & seasonal maintenance details will help in saving 15 to 20% in costs.

  • Predictive algorithms for maintenance
  • Diagnostic codes for Proactive reporting
  • Predictive Route analysis & Traffic management

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