How To Manage Your Toll & Traffic Fines?

How To Manage Your Toll & Traffic Fines?

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Good news first:

Fleet fines and violations when handled efficiently and managed accurately can help businesses experience up to 70 to 90 percent of cost savings!

Fleet violations are on the rise. With the technical advancements (that aims to address the safety challenges on the road) in tolling, parking and photo enforcement, it is becoming much easier and quicker for ticket issuers to spot vehicles.

Consequently, there is a higher number of tickets generation for everyone, including fleet owners.

As per the survey conducted- tolls, parking, and photo enforcement accounts for more than 95% of the vehicle-issued violation volume affecting fleets. Breaking the figure down it into detail- toll violation makes up 56%, parking tickets about 22%, and photo enforcement citations, for actions such as red-light running and over speeding, approx. 20%.

Fleet Violation Breakdown
Parking Tickets 22%
Traffic Violation 20%

Fleet violation challenges 

Most of the fleets, to some extent, experience the following violation challenges.

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Challenges for businesses with Fleets 

  1. Hard Costs: Violation fines and other related penalties adds up an additional operational cost for the company.
  1. Accident Liability Risk: Drivers violating tolls and traffic (usually) symbolizes unsafe drivers that are more liable to cause accidents. Consequently, the situation is problematic for the companies.
  1. Negative Public Relations: Ticket issuers are becoming strict and have started taking aggressive actions with organizations not paying their fines.

Challenges for Fleet Managers 

  1. Administrative Costs: Following up with drivers and process violation is time consuming. This, definitely, affects fleet business negatively to some extent.
  1. Lack of Visibility: With no records of driver’s violation history, it is difficult for fleet organization to assure safe drivers on the roads. 
  1. Lack of Driver Accountability: Holding drivers responsible for violation is challenging for fleet organizations. Reason: it is not possible to follow them wherever they go to monitor their activities. 

Challenges for Fleet Drivers 

  1. Loss of Due Process: No tracking system used by the fleet company refrains drivers from justifying themselves for the unjustified violation tickets raised against them. 
  1. Driving Record at Risk: By not able to justify the unjustified citation raised, drivers lose the ability to protect their driving records.

Solution to tolls and traffic violations problem – Fleet Management Software 

Managing tolls and traffic fines is easy with Fleet Management GPS tracking Software. The software is designed to handle end-to-end requirements of fleet management.

It not only improves the efficiency of fleet operations, enhances their quality, and assures the safety of vehicles and drivers, but also streamlines the management of processing traffic fines and tolls.

Tracking and maintaining the complete history of all fleets and drivers including their violation and fine, Best Fleet Management Software captures all fine-related data and links it automatically to the relevant fleet, driver, and account.

It helps organizations to raise the liability against drivers or the company, and updates the driver data along with the offence type and penalty immediately. Also, it generates a comprehensive report on fines for specific drivers and vehicles.

Traffic Fines and Tolls Management 

With digital toll and traffic fines management functionality, Fleet Asset Management Software automates the process of tracking tolls, fines, associated vehicles, and respective drivers for toll and fine charges.

It keeps a tab on different parameters of driving behavior like over-speeding, jumping of signals, etc. and sends notification when the limits are breached.

Thus, drivers when know that they are being monitored try to drive safe, follow traffic rules, and reduce the chances of getting charged with a fine. However, in cases of getting charged with fines, Fleet Management System acts as a central repository to record and maintain complete data of fines charged against particular vehicles.

The software also helps to manage the drivers, track their logging times, distance travelled, places visited, etc. This, in a way, helps fleet businesses to find out who was the driver driving the vehicle when the fine was charged and the reason for it.

Knowing the fact that government websites are not user friendly and do not allow to download fines in required format, Fleet Management Software simplifies this as well.

It lets you to download traffic fines automatically, and allocate each fine based on a timestamp to appropriate movement.

Moreover generating compressive reports and analytics, Fleet Management GPS Software offers complete visibility over traffic fines payable.

Advantages of Violation Management 
Benefits to you:
Reduces the cost up to 80% of processing violationsOffers the capability to monitor driver behaviorOffers visibility of violations associated to driver safety, such as red light and speed cameras
Benefits to your driver:
Helps driver to process violations before its escalation thus, reduces the risk of increased penaltiesEnables drivers to view details of violation instantlyHelps drivers to take quick and accurate action to resolve violation

In the same way, Fleet Management Software handles toll management efficiently. Tracking the complete details of drivers and vehicles in real-time and offering the capability to download the consolidated view of tolls, the software offers complete visibility over toll account balance.

Advantages of Toll Management 
Benefits to you:
Merge multiple toll account into single platform Centralize reporting, and payment processingImproves visibility of fleet’s tolling activity with comprehensive reporting
Benefits to your drivers:
Complete toll tracking Accurate processing of toll Eliminates the chances to be short of toll balance

An Extra Mile

If you are a fleet owner who wants to avoid the excess cost and risk of toll and traffic fines, then it is best time to ask for a free demo of one such complete, robust, and standalone fleet management GPS system.

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