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Get Fleet Management Software Demo Free

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Welcome to Fleetroot- School Transport Automation, which helps schools & Transport companies to improve safety, efficiency & Quality.

Today I am going to present you the platform & its capabilities,and How companies can benefit by connecting their transportation to Fleetroot.

Fleetroot comprehensive dashboard gives you a quick overview of how the connected assets are performing, Efficiency, Safety and quality scores of the assets and resources.

Fleetroot workspace gives you insights in the fleet live distribution & their utilization’s like Kms Driven today, Fuel Level , Trips executed, & refueling if any.

By selecting individual vehicle, you can start tracking the live location of the vehicle.

This helps the fleet managers to take informed decisions to improve resource efficiency and customer service.

Fleet root’s real time alert notification helps fleet managers to get real time insights on any anomaly, where immediate actions or improvement measures can be taken to improve driver safety and asset quality.

Similarly Fleetroot Comprehensive Service & Maintenance makes it easy to ensure each vehicle is optimally serviced & documents renewals are kept on time which will help business to reduce cost, improve efficiency & avoid the break downs.

Fleetroot Reports module provides detailed insights of fleet performance, utilization, safety, & fuel consumption.

Looking at data analytics provided, you can easily identify problems & guide or take preventive actions that are required.

If you would like to know on how fleetroot can transform your fleet operations & benefit your business, please visit our website  or contact us at to request a detailed free Fleet Management Software demo

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