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Best School Bus GPS Tracking System (To Offer Solutions For Students Safety)

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Children’s safety and security are becoming a top concern for parents and schools while on transit. Lack of visibility, control over the drivers, routes has been a worry for parents and school authorities in recent times.

Fleetroot addresses this pain point connecting the school bus with parents & school authorities.

It helps to get information about real-time bus locations, details related to boarding & off-boarding notifications and give alerts on any kind of irregularities while their child is on transit.

Fleetroot school module helps the transport authorities to optimize trip routes, improve fleets & seat utilization, manage fees collections and increase utmost safety and security of the students while on transit through the connected telematics & video surveillance.

Instant alerts on route deviation, fleet wear, and tear, driver identifications helps school and transport authorities to take informed decisions and proactive actions.

Fleetroot helps parents to get live bus tracking of their child movements, Proactive ETA alerts to save time and get instant child boarding and off-boarding notifications on their mobile devices.

Fleetroot supports in-vehicle communication to transport office which helps to send & receive instant alerts for traffic delays & manage emergency situation efficiently.

It also helps nannies and drivers to get complete information about their daily trips, routes & pick up points.

Overall Fleetroot school bus tracking system keeps parents, students, schools & transport authorities connected through their daily commute for creating a safe bus movement & a better society.

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