School Bus tracker

Intelligent trip and attendance management.

Intelligent School Bus Tracking and Attendance

End to end, fleet and trip management to easily manage school transport business with interactive and live trip analysis with vital business insights to improve School bus productivity, Utilization and Improve safety of students.

  • Student registration
  • Route automation
  • Interactive live trip
  • Pick up location allocation automation
  • Area , Vehicle & seating allocation
  • Invoice Automation
  • Payment Integration
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Nanni Mobile App
  • Business Reports

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school bus tracking app

With the Help of Artificial intelligence and Big data, fleetroot automate Trip management with efficient routing which can be helpful for businesses like School bus transport, employee transport and logistics companies.

Fleetroot school bus attendance software

Wireless GPS devices has installed in the school buses. When students onboard and off board from the bus alerts are generated and send to parent mobile App. All attendance data is stored on servers and can be accessed at any time. Seat allocation, pick up and drop off location allocations makes fleetroot school bus modules more intelligent.

RFID tag reader and GPS tracker work together in school bus management system. RFID cards enable the student identification and process data to the back end servers.

We ensure the safety and security of their children. Fleetroot school bus module is an entire automation of school transport starting from student, parent management, Trip management, Leave management, Tariff management and payment automation.

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