Real-time Delivery, Fleet and Mobility Management Platform

Helping businesses optimize the last-mile of moving people, goods and services on a unified SaaS platform

Why Fleetroot's - Connected Delivery

  • Last-mile delivery optimization
  • Order –fulfillment
  • Order to delivery automation
  • Telematics
  • Sensor management
  • Fleet & driver management
  • Intelligent Driver mobile apps
  • Insightful reports

How it Works?

Step 1

Order fulfilment

  • Order management and automation
  • Real-time driver visibility
  • Real-time order status visibility
  • Customer management
  • Customer location management
Step 2

Dispatch planning

  • Delivery optimization
  • Auto-allocation management
  • Route optimization
  • Driver / customer notifications
  • Dynamic ETA
Step 3


  • Route details notifications
  • Route – navigation
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Customer notifications
  • Real-time ETA
Step 4

POD & customer service

  • Digital proof of delivery
  • Route – navigation
  • Dynamic ETA for customers
  • Instant feedback
Step 5


  • Delivery heat-map analytics
  • Zone / Territory wise performance
  • ETA adherence
  • Delivery performance
Step 6


  • E-commerce integrations
  • Order management
  • Inventory / POS
  • Others

Intuitive & Unified Platform for Better Productivity

Solution Overview

An app your delivery fleet would love.

Equip your delivery driver network with powerful yet intuitive iOS and Android apps that enable them to receive new delivery requests on the go and complete them efficiently.

  • Real-time requests
  • Delivery Verification
  • Driver Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Dashboard

Last-mile Delivery Optimization
for every Business

Dairy Delivery Software

Grocery Delivery App

Flower Delivery App

Water Delivery Software

Medicine Delivery App

Laundry Delivery App

Product Delivery Software

Meal Delivery app

Waste Delivery Software

Customers who are improving Delivery efficiency
with Fleetroot's unified last-mile delivery suite

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Fleetroot connected delivery can be integrated with any other third party E-commerce or order management systems through API for entire automation or you may use fleetroot intelligent order fulfilment system too . check out with your local provider to know more on the order fulfilment add-on.
Advantage of the fleetroot connected delivery in comparison with current available systems is it is a unified platform for fleet management combined with connected delivery operations . You may choose to have both together in a unified platform . If you are only looking to have the last-mile delivery platform you may plug that with an mobile phone and it is quite good to go:)
There different task auto allocation algorithms available, below is one of the logic of auto allocation explained, ● Ensure the Agent is on Duty ● Agent has completed the last task assigned, hence not receiving more tasks. ● Agent working schedule is different from that of task start timing ● Tags chosen while task creation is different ● Agent does not fall under the Auto-allocation intelligence
Apart from the standard delivery / performance reports , fleetroot could help you analyze the delivery demand zone or territory through a heat map analysis . If your company has multiple locations it can also provide you with Task count analytics on each of the locations to improve your marketing stratergies
Fleetroot support all types of sensors within single unified platform, Admin user can activate necessary sensors from Task configuration panel like Temp/Weight.