School Bus Tracking App

For Improved Safety Of Students


route optimization

Fleetroot helps you to optimize the bus routes efficiently. Routes are generated automatically using selected criteria like bus capacities, a number of students, travel times, road hazards and one-way roads. Save your time with auto routes allocation processes.

playback system

Analyse the historical movement of the buses and create a safer, reliable, and more efficient bus trips. Check bus routes, stops, a speed limit, and a time period of a trip, etc. easily optimized trips and control the movement.

unplanned trip routing

A school administrator can plan and create the school bus trip efficiently. Easily create, allot, and update new pick up locations. Fleetroot gives you the most efficient trip routes possible.

real time updates

Fleetroot allows you to see the real-time status of the bus location, arrival time, and student inboard and off board status, Map view and etc. With the real-time notification system, parents and school administrator both get the real-time update.


live tracking of vehicle

Fleetroot School Bus tracking software is fully integrated GPS system with RFID Id card. GPS monitoring system gives the end to end security of student and complete insight of the location of student's routes.

real time alert notification system

Fleetroot generates the Alert notification to parents and school administrator both when a bus arrives at the bus stop or school.

report system

Parent and School administrator analyse and access school bus routing data from multiple reports whenever they need based on historical and real-time data.

real time location view on map

A parent can track the real time location of the bus on the map via fleetroot and pick up their children at right time.

Intelligent School Bus Tracking and Attendance

End to end, fleet and trip management to easily manage school transport business with interactive and live trip analysis with vital business insights to improve School bus productivity, Utilization and Improve safety of students.

  • Student registration
  • Route automation
  • Interactive live trip
  • Pick up location allocation automation
  • Area , Vehicle & seating allocation
  • Invoice Automation
  • Payment Integration
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Nanni Mobile App
  • Business Reports

school bus tracking app


Best School Bus GPS Tracking App

School bus tracking app has been developed to ensure 100% improved safety of the students who regularly use the bus for reaching their schools.

For those in the business of managing school transport business, the app offers an easy and efficient way of managing a trip, improving school bus productivity and its utilization.

The app uses big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that includes automated routing and intelligent trip management thereby helping school transport to manage their drivers and respective fleet very efficiently.

Identification of students onboard or off-board is very important. The GPS device comprising of RFID readers ensure that such data and respective alerts are communicated in real-time through iOS and Android Mobile apps. Major features such as optimized load balancing, automated routing or seat allocation, payment allocation, pick up and drop off automation ensures that the overall school bus monitoring system works exceptionally well.

Fleetroot Driver App:

With Driver application, Driver can mark attendance, schedule rout, collaborates with school authority and control students, and ensure school bus safety.

Driver App Features

  • Driver can have the trip details day wise.
  • Driver will be able to get the information of stoppages.
  • Driver will have the facility to see the on-board, off-board and not boarded students detail of the trip.
  • If any instant trip will happen; Diver will know the every detail.

Fleetroot Parent App:

A Parent can check the real-time location of the bus on the map and apply for the leave through our App with one click. A good bond will happen between driver, Parents and school administrator by school bus tracking software. Parents can check the attendance report of the child without contacting schools administrator.

Parents shall get alerts when:

  • Student fails to get on the bus
  • Student fails to get off the bus
  • Student boards the wrong bus
  • Student boards bus from wrong stop
  • Student gets off at wrong stop
  • Bus is on the way for pick-up
  • Bus is on the way for drop-off
  • Student is picked up
  • Student has been dropped off

Over 30+ schools trust fleetroot for their transport automation.